Terms & Conditions

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All designs must be downloaded immediately at the time of purchase, While every effort is made to keep order records it cannot be guaranteed that orders will be available for any period of time after purchase. If you did pay for the design and you have genuinely lost it the record can be located in Paypal and I will be able to send the design to you.

Free designs are given with no guarantee, The free letter is available for exactly 24 hours, it changes at the exact same time every day and this happens automatically. It is your responsibility to come at the correct time of the day and download the letter and keep it in a safe place. I will not send free letters to people who have missed it. If you miss it please consider purchasing it.

If there are technical problems on the website the letter will be repeated. This will be determined based on the problem is one that every user is likely to experience at that given time. A user being unable to navigate or otherwise use the website does not constitute a technical problem, neither is a forgotten passwords nor the inability to login when there is no overall issue on the site causing the problems Please do not ask for missed letters to be sent or repeated for any other reason.


Due to the nature of digital products, it is not possible to issue refunds on products that have been accidentally purchased or you have changed your mind. Please choose carefully when purchasing designs from this website. If for some reason there is a fault in the design or the wrong design is represented the design will be replaced with the correct one. Please take care not to add an item to your cart more than once.

The Daily Freebie is not showing

Navigate to the alphabet using the menu link in the left column under alphabet, have a look here for the letter that should be free. If it is not there please go to the daily freebie discussion page and read the previous posts. if the problem has already been reported there you don't need to do anything but you can add a comment to the post. I will rectify the problem and make sure that it runs for a reasonable length of time so that everyone can get it. Any problems must be reported on the day that the letter should have been available; I will not repeat a letter if the problem is reported after the scheduled day. I will never ever email a file to someone who has missed it. If I am contacted about the daily free design either from the contact form or by replying to the order confirmation email I will not respond.

Use of Embroidery Designs

You may use the designs on this site for the purpose of creating items for personal use or to sell. You may not sell give away or otherwise distribute the designs to other people. The license for t the embroidery design is for the use of the person who has ordered it from this site.

Use of the Community

Please be respectful at all times. Users who are disrespectful may be banned from the site

Please do not use your email address as a username. If you have signed up using your email address as a user name you can change it by going to your account and changing it there

You can still log in using your email address once you have changed your username