Problems with the free design

First of all, DO NOT email  me or reply to your order email if you have any issue at all with the daily freebies,  If you are having a problem so are 400 other people and I can't answer that many emails

For any issues regarding the free design check to see if it has been reported on the forum, which is here 

If there is no forum topic about the issue you can start a new one, if it has been reported and you want to add something then reply to the topic that is already there by clicking on it.

If you have ordered the design but there is no file to download then once I am aware of the problem it will be in your downloads if you ordered it. YOU DO NOT NEED TO ORDER IT AGAIN

If the wrong file downloads then when I am aware I will fix the issue, this will also automatically be updated in your downloads if you have ordered the design

The wrong or no letter/design is showing for the day. I will rectify this as soon as I am aware and I will usually run the design in question for an extra day.

The design is in the special box but it is showing a cost, go ahead and put it in the cart, you should get the free checkout but if it goes to PayPal don't proceed and report the issue on the forum