• dian posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    I am only getting new alpha about every other day – I am on site – and got the P yesterday – it is the only thing showing at 0.00 (free) today – I have refreshed the page and nothing changes

    • The letter changes over at 10am Brisbane time. There is a clock above the free letter. Because of our Time change in the USA, I now get the new letter at 8pm EST.

      • I understand the clock – but I got P yesterday and then today P was still showing – I go and check the alphabet – and it did not change – actually kept the page open and it changed about 10 minutes ago – I am Central time which would be 10pm EST

        • Best way to be sure, click on Alphabet on the left, then click on Dragonfly, and it has the letters up to date. The one on the front page does not update every day. Have fun!