Ila in Maine

  • Ila in Maine posted an update 1 week, 6 days ago

    Thanks Alice for another glorious alphabet. Flourish is beautiful and I appreciate the time you take to digitize, test and upload these to give them to us. Its so generous of you and you are much appreciated.

  • I also was unable to gain access to the site yesterday. I tried using Firefox, Chrome and the Ipad. All I received was a message telling me the site was not available or the site did not exist. I’m glad to see the problem is fixed and hope it wasn’t anything too serious.

  • This is how I find the Free letter each day: Bookmark the page that the current free letters are on. When it changes to the 2nd page, and then the 3rd, change your bookmark so it opens to the correct page and you won’t miss any letters. I especially love this Dragonfly alphabet and don’t want to miss any of the letters. Thanks Alice for your…[Read more]

    • They should all change over properly on the home page now, I think it was something do do with the way the price was configured, Although I have noticed that the site does not update in firefox unless you are logged in.