• jdklava2011 posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    E is e, what of D?

    • When released last night E was the picture above E. They are off by one, but every download has been in the correct order so nothing is really wrong.

      • Ok,so I did not have D, I purchased and got the C. May the D be sent to my e-mail pls?

        • Did you download the design that was the E above the words Frangipani D? If you did then you got the D. If you didn’t, you can purchase the D. Look at the words that are there, not the pictures. The pics are incorrectly placed.

          • I purchased what I thought to be the D, was not. Of I purchased all letters show correct file. I am missing the D. That is why I paid for it, or thought that was what I was paying for. I get that things are not labeled in freebies correctly. I do not have the incorrect file E, I do not have D. Thus the pay pal purchase. I paid for what I though was D but is C, again may someone send me the D? A yes or no is what I require. If no then I’ll need to buy the E? To get the D?

    • You had missed the D the day it was free but when you have paid for it you have paid for the C, probably because it had a picture of the D. I have added the download link for the D to your order, you should be able to go to your account now and download the D from the order that you paid for.