• Ali Starr posted an update 2 weeks, 2 days ago

    We have a Chihuahua! It wasn’t planned, but Miche is here to stay! My daughter, 16, has been mourning her dad for the past 9 months. This was her doggie at her dad’s house. My daughter kept her over her Spring Break & I guess her step-mom enjoyed her being gone, because she doesn’t want her back. Told us this Sunday when we were making plans to return her as Spring Break was over. Good thing she is a super sweet doggie, and house trained! I guess I’ll get used to the dog hair since she is making my daugter very happy.

    • Animals can fill a big hole in our hearts. I am glad you have decided to keep her, she will become one of the family. Do you have any photos.

      • Not yet, but I will share in the next few days. I greatly appreciate your reply! I am not really into sharing my life online. I know, I’m weird for this day in age! I don’t ever get on FB anymore! No one can believe! But I’ve always been private. Something about your last post made me feel I COULD share here, so I thank you for being so honest! It freed me! I’m trying to sew Miche an outfit! So I will post a pic if I can figure it out!