• Alice posted an update 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    I have been in bed with a virus for the last week so I am not feeling particularly tolerant at the moment so please forgive me if I am curt.
    The site was offline for a short period of time due to problems with the name servers, I had that fixed pretty promptly hundreds of people were able to download it the Q, but a couple of people who missed the Q have gone ahead and purchased it. (the word purchase implies that you paid for it). So in the interest of fairness I to those who have bought the letters they missed (it is the same people all the time) I will not be reposting the Q . It is only $1.50 it is not likely to break the bank .
    I also would like to ask yet again to keep the posts about the same issue to one post then others with the same problem please add a comment to the first post to keep everything succinct. It is my website that is how I want it done.
    I am also sick of the majority of the things being posted here being complaints about not getting free stuff. Doesn’t anybody have anything pleasant to share? Don’t you all have pictures of kids or grandkids or projects you have made or events you have attended?

    • Dearest Alice,
      So sorry you have been so ill! I do hope you are feeling completely well soon! I just recently began embroidery and just found your site a few weeks back. I love your designs! I greatly appreciate each free design ( I am disabled , so money is really tight!
      Have a blessed day & get well, quickly! 🙂

      • Sorry to hear you have been unwell. I for one appreciate your generosity of the free letters each day. I have purchased ones I have missed in the past. Get well soon.

    • So very sorry you have been sick. Wish you a speedy recovery.

    • Hope you are starting to feel better. To be sick and having to deal with web site issues Sucks. Kudo’s to you for getting your site back up and running quickly.

    • Hope you’re able to rest and to feel better with each passing day, Alice! Thank you so much for your wonderful designs that you so generously share! I’m so very excited to be soon sewing more now that (after 8 years!) my daughter & her husband are moving back to Southern California from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania! Hooray for being able to see my G-kids more often … & hooray for that this G-ma doesn’t having to endure those cold-to-the-bone midwest Christmases! LOL the things we do/endure just to be able to be with our treasured G-kids! Blessings to you, Alice!
      Los Angeles CA

    • Oh well, we miss a letter. If it’s that big of a deal I will just purchase it. I do want to thank you for your generosity, my husband was hurt at work and money is very tight, and your beautiful designs really help. Thank you