Carol Patrick

  • Wasn’t sure what to do….
    I ordered B….received an email verifying I ordered B…..but when I try to download it, it is giving me an error…no defining…..
    When I log into my account, it doesn’t show B as ever being ordered.
    When I try to contact the owner, it says to post problems on the community thread.
    Thank you for any help!

  • I feel like a cheerleader…..
    Give me a F….Give me a J….Give mea Q….Give me a V….give me an X……hahaha. I might have the F…and maybe the J. I have to check my old letters…. Thanks for the great designs….. I’ll be ordering the letters I don’t have unless they are going to be repeated???

  • Hmmm…where is the V? I saw T, then U and finally W… haha!

    • I just realized that the V went hiding like the mysterious Q!

      • Nothing was hiding, the letters are always in the same place the V was there on the 29th, I am very dilegent about reposting if there is a problem which is really not that often, mostly the problem is that people just miss them, not that they were hiding.

        • “hiding” was just a term I used to say it never came up for some of us. I looked back and did get the V, The Q never came up, I check on your site multiple times per day!

  • Carol Patrick posted an update 7 months ago

    Somehow I missed o. I checked several times and the n was available. Then I checked again and it’s p. I’m sad….

    • Same for me!

      • i tried for the O off and all day from 11am EST until 10pm. it is now 9:15pm and I, too, missed the O. “o”well. I know Alice is trying her best. I am very grateful for the ones i am able to get. Hopefully the time change-over thing will work itself out

        • Totally agree! I know she’s being working diligently on this! I have been trying to figure out when it changes so I could help out. That’s why I was shocked when it came up P!

          • I was checking every half hour there for a while, also to see if I could help figure it out