Fringe Lion Tutorial

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  • Metallic Thread

    Metallic Thread

    Metallic thread tends to be really troublesome to use. If you are constantly having thread breaks it is especially annoying and can result in your project taking a lot longer to complete than you had planned. Here are a few suggestions on ways to decrease the thread breaks when embroidering with metallic thread.
  • Machine embroidery basics.

    Machine embroidery basics.

    I just love machine embroidery, which is not surprising, I started to learn to sew when I was five and by the time I was a teenager I was creating and embellishing most of my own clothes. I have done hand embroidery cross stitch long stitch and more. When I discovered machine embroidery I thought it was magic. I […]
  • You just bought your first embroidery machine…

    You just bought your first embroidery machine…

    So you have just bought your first embroidery machine and you are sitting there looking at it wondering what to do next. It all looked so easy in the showroom when the salesperson snapped a hoop in place pressed a few buttons and produced a wonderful embroidery design. The truth is, it is easy but […]
  • Common terms used in machine embroidery,

    Common terms used in machine embroidery,

    Digitizing; Digitizing embroidery is the term used for turning an image into an embroidery design, this requires special software and the process can be anything from fairly simple to quite complex. Some skills and practice are necessary to become proficient in digitizing. This process was once known as punching as the person creating the design […]
  • The history of machine embroidery

    The history of machine embroidery

    The History of Machine embroidery When I decided to write an article on the history of machine embroidery I should have known that with my love of embroidery and my fascination for history I would be taken on a magical journey through time. Due to my love of historical novels, my idea of the history […]
  • Fringe Lion Tutorial

    Fringe Lion Tutorial

  • Fringe Embroidery

    Fringe Embroidery

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