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Todays free letter did not change over or it is not the letter you expected. click here.

  • Van den Eerenbeemd
    18 minutes ago

    Ik wil u bedanken voor het mooie alfabet.
    ik heb hem geborduurd voor mijn nichtje en zij vond hem prachtig.
    groet Tiny

  • Alice
    17 hours 7 minutes ago

    I will not be doing another alphabet until I have had time to sort all of the problems out on the site, this may take some time as I have got quite a few other things on my plate. Please make sure you are signed up for the newsletter so that you don't miss out on the start of the next alphabet.

    Sewtired I too thank you for all you have done for us. Take a break and take care of life. We're not going anywhere.
    1 hour 22 minutes ago
  • tnjacke Chat
    19 hours 27 minutes ago

    Just want to THANK YOU again for this beautiful alphabet.... Hopefully the problems of signing in will all get solved and we can look forward to more of your lovely work.

  • juzyroo
    22 hours 47 minutes ago

    Thank you so much for these lovely Angel alphabet letters. You are very generous!

  • PamelaK53

    Thank you Alice. I was able to get all the letters of the Angel Wings Alphabet without any problems. This is the first full alphabet I have managed to collect in quite a while. The problem was not on your site but on my computer. Once again, thank you.

  • Sue_J thanks user 'Alice' in the forum message ' login'.
  • carlota

    Alice I hate to ask but could you offer this entire alphabet at a discounted price I am on a fixed income, so I can not afford to buy all letter I missed even at a dollar each. I was one of those that kept seeing the same 2 letters for days before I read to go down to the free design tab.

    carlota Thank you so much. I am sorry you have been sick. I am praying for the load be lighten for you
    19 hours 13 minutes ago
  • Alice replied to the topic 'login' in the forum.
    2 days ago

    I had fixed the invalid token problem before the site crashed but it has come back again and I have not had time to investigate, I have been ridiculously busy the last few weeks but when this alpha finishes I wont do another until I have time to sort some problems with the site out.

  • sewmom replied to the topic 'login' in the forum.
    3 days ago

    I think it is the same problem I have. Before you do anything on the site clear the page by pushing ctrl and f5 at the same time.

  • marianb created a new topic ' login' in the forum.
    4 days ago

    Hi Alice, currently I'm having problems logging in normally I'm getting a invalid ticket page. At present I'm use the technical support page to log in. Sorry to have to bring another problem to your attention :(

  • tnjacke replied to the topic 'Have to clear history for this site....' in the forum.
    5 days ago

    Thanks Alice and Sewmom for the replies. today when I tried to sign in got the old page again and history was cleared, so I did the CTRL F5 thing that sewmom suggested and It worked.. Yay, Thanks for that tip.....

    Alice I know our complaints must be frustrating for you as you are trying so hard to get this site working correctly as well as do your embroidery work. No way could I run a site as I am not that computer smart.... But I do love your designs and thanks for all you share with us.

  • sewmom replied to the topic 'Have to clear history for this site....' in the forum.
    5 days ago

    Today I went to your site and saw the U (correct letter) then went to shopping cart and tried to log in. It showed me the log in page again (as though I'm not logged in) when I entered my email and password AND the T is now showing on the left.

  • Alice replied to the topic 'Have to clear history for this site....' in the forum.
    6 days ago

    I am sorry tnjacke, I realise that it has been days since you posted, I have been so tied up with a flu :sick: family dramas :huh: and other work, :silly: both embroidery and nursing.
    Thank you sewmom for your help.
    To answer your question, when the site was crashing all the time I had to alter some settings in the cache to try and speed up this site, what this means now apparantly is that the same page gets served over and over even though it has actually changed, this is why the letter is staying the same on the home page but will be different if you go to any other page on the website. I am going to have to tweak the settings a bit more now that things have settled down. I am not sure when I will have time to do that but I am hoping in the next couple of days.
    As to why you need to do that in order ot log in I am not sure, but hopefully the tweaks I make to reduce the intense caching will help.

  • sewmom replied to the topic 'Have to clear history for this site....' in the forum.
    6 days ago

    ctrl f5 worked to clear the problems.

  • sewmom replied to the topic 'Have to clear history for this site....' in the forum.
    6 days ago

    I'm having trouble too. I put the letter in the cart and on the left it says I've added it 4 times (which I have) but my cart says it's empty. I'm logged in. I'm not sure how I did it yesterday. I'll try ctl f5 now. I've already tried being logged out and back in.

    Also when I first go to your site it shows yesterday's letter until I put it in my cart. Then the home page shows today's letter and the cart shows a price for yesterday's letter.

    These are all very recent problems.

  • tnjacke created a new topic ' Have to clear history for this site....' in the forum.
    7 days ago

    Can you tell me why I have to clear my history of this site each day before I am allowed to sign in again........ if I fail to do this I can not sign in to my account again...... very frustrating and never had to do it before until recently. I do appreciate the designs


  • Alice replied to the topic 'Today's freebie is not there.' in the forum.
    1 week ago

    As far as I am aware there was no problem with the L.

  • LaurieB created a new topic ' Daily Free Design' in the forum.
    2 weeks ago

    I put M of the angel wings set in my cart and with throught the process then when N came up I put that one in the cart as well but when I went to download later the M is missing. What did I do wrong?

  • jazz replied to the topic 'Today's freebie is not there.' in the forum.
    2 weeks ago

    I could not dl the L YESTERDAY.was there trouble?

  • Sue_J
    2 weeks ago

    Thank you Alice for the Angel Wing alpha. Had no problems downloading any of them. Hopefully this means your "gremlins" have left the site for good, as, at least for me, it now is working to perfection


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