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  • a2r5g50l1 created a new topic ' strong response says' in the forum.
    3 days ago

    combined with the current status of Party and government China within the system anti-corruption, anti-corruption is still the main channel. So Liu Tienan captured first demonstrated the new central collective leadership's determination to combat corruption. In a fairly long period of time, "the tigers, catch flies" will become the main tone of purification,ミュウミュウ 通販, deter corrupt officialdom.
    2012 the morning of December 6th, "finance" magazine deputy editor Luo Changping suddenly bursts of three micro Bo, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission in his report, director of the National Energy Bureau suspected academic fraud, by "going out" credit, keeping a mistress, caused widespread concern.
    in an almost cruel multi round game, deputy director of national development and Reform Commission, the original director of the National Energy Bureau Liu Tienan completely fell.
    - Shi Shusi
    Some of the intriguing episode of
    in the report, Luo Changping micro Bo had been talk for a week. But in the mainstream media reports,グッチ アウトレット, the precarious Liu Tienan appeared four times, which is also the most important television network news programs in china.
    intermediate. In the Luo Changping real name reporting on the afternoon of the same day the news spokesman of National Energy Bureau with indecent haste (Han Qiaosheng) strong response says: "the message is pure slander slander." "We are in contact with the relevant network management and public security departments, is to report the alarm." Liu Anfa after the move by the people's daily denounced as "slaves" behavior.
    2011 year in November 21st, "finance" magazine published the "China type acquisition: a ministerial level official and crony businessman multinational Piandai" one article, pointing to Liu Tienan's wife and children.
    at present, around the Network Anti-corruption debate still As one falls, according to network rumor encirclement and strengthen the network supervision voice intertwine, afford much food for thought.
    black humor is, Luo claims provide direct evidence of the informant is Liu has anti objective mistress, and write a new chapter of "concubine anti-corruption". This also explains, in a relatively closed the bureaucratic system, the folk anti-corruption, social supervision of the channel is obstructed.
    2012 year in May, the NDRC official joint signature of part retired Liu Tienan suspected of corruption report letter, the letter to the Central Commission for Discipline inspection. Then, in this report the letter signed the NDRC retired officials, were interviewed in the Commission for Discipline inspection. At that time, the Commission for Discipline Inspection to investigate Liu Tienan suspected of corruption has already started.
    and his name known to the public, the media began with a micro-blog Luo Changping.
    cannot deny the social forces involved in the strong, accelerated the main channel within the system anti-corruption process, which makes the whole event in the public concern of rapidly advancing under. It has once again proven the following truth: sunshine is the best preservative.
    have taken the trouble to enumerate the Liu Tienan case the twists and turns, except on the expression of >
    all the signs indicate that the powerful and profound for wings of corrupt officials, corruption of the road is not smooth, even is the obstacles.
    according to the constant media disclosure of information,ボッテガヴェネタ アウトレット, combined with the obtained anti-corruption are the fruits of inside and outside of the system of the two forces of perfect.
    The tortuous course of

  • dfischer
    4 days ago

    We have been so cold here in Central MN (below zero F) that I don't even want to walk to the mailbox but now we are getting a break for a couple days and have temps around 40F - wooohooo. Take care of yourself and hope to 'see' you back online soon! Merry Christmas

  • Alice
    1 week ago

    I everyone, I am sorry I have not been around for a while, I was hoping to get started on a new alphabet soon but that has not happened, hopefully I will clear some time soon. How is everything around the world, it is so hot here at the moment. That is Christmas time in Australia for you.

  • marianb Chat
    2 weeks ago

    Hi Alice just thought I'd pop passed to see how your doing. With Christmas almost upon us I'd like to wish you and your family a safe and happy Merry Christmas. Marian

    4 weeks ago

    Hi Alice, Just thought I would check in and see how you are doing.

  • cfidl
    1 month ago

    HI Alice, Christie is here and I thought we would stop by and see if you were online. I thought we could converse real time. I will hang out for awhile now and try to come back tomorrow a little earlier in the day. We are going to the mountains to visit Jan on Wednesday and be back Friday. Good to see you on FB!

  • Sewtired Chat
    1 month ago

    Alice, Glad to hear you are doing well. Just wanted to let you know we have not forgotten you. I certainly understand Busy!

  • dfischer
    3 months ago

    I just wanted you to know I am thinking of you Alice and truly hope all is well. You are a wonderful person and so kind for sharing your time and talents with us. Take care of You and thanks again.

    Alice Thank you. I am well, just very busy.
    3 months ago 1
  • Alice replied to the topic 'I can't find my old orders.' in the forum.
    3 months ago

    Please read my second post on this thread.

  • Joyofliving replied to the topic 'I can't find my old orders.' in the forum.
    3 months ago

    I clicked on the link in the post and it brought me to the current site. I'd like to download the files I forgot to download before the September 24, 2014 deadline. Help please. Thanks

  • Alice replied to the topic 'Today's freebie is not there.' in the forum.
    3 months ago

    Hi Sandy, I have not done a free alphabet for weeks now. I have been sew busy with other things, I do need to fix some sight problems and I have not digitised anything yet. I will send out a newsletter when I have got something new up. I have no idea when that might be as I have also had extra hours at the GP clinic this week. But I am slowly getting on top of things.

  • Sandy replied to the topic 'Today's freebie is not there.' in the forum.
    4 months ago

    Hi Alice, I hope I've landed in the right spot. For me, there is no daily freebie showing but the breast cancer ribbons. Is there a new alphabet that I'm not seeing?

    Thanks for your time.


  • Alice
    4 months ago

    Hello everyone who is still stopping by. I am still very busy with other things so I don't look like having an alphabet up for some time. I have been doing a variety of things including, working on the website for my local business, which is coming along now and I am almost happy with it, I just have to put some more products on it, about 500 more products to be precise, I also want to add sizing charts for the garments and a few other tweaks. but here it is so far if you feel like checking it out.
    I have also built a site for my uncle and made curtains for my mother in law, they both paid me for these jobs. My next big news is that I have bought a heatpress and dye sub printer. I already had a brother scan n cut so I can now do dye sub on garments and coffee mugs etc.. and vinyl heat transfer, so of course I have been trying to figure out how to do all of that. Anyway that is what I have been up to. I wills send out a newsletter when I have a new alpha ready to go. - feeling happy

    Sewtired Great news that some things are finally going your way. Take time to have some fun with all that new equipment. Best wishes on all your endeavors.
    4 months ago 1
  • ajmmjs shared dfischer's status
    4 months ago

    i second this sentiment! you seem to b picked on by the bad faies or computer first computer and all sucessors are named GLITCH!. sincerely, lynnenn

    Alice, I feel just awful for you and the troubles these computers give you (and others like you). I want to say again how blessed we are to have wonderful people like you sharing your talents (and TIME) with us! Thank you :{}
  • dfischer
    4 months ago

    Alice, I feel just awful for you and the troubles these computers give you (and others like you). I want to say again how blessed we are to have wonderful people like you sharing your talents (and TIME) with us! Thank you :{}

  • Brenda Lea Chat
    5 months ago

    Thank you Alice for the reply. Hope things slow down for you and get less stressful. Have a good day.
    Happy Stitching Brenda Lea

  • Brenda Lea Chat
    5 months ago

    Hope things are going to be getting back to normal soon. Just wondering if a new designs has shown up yet??? Haven't heard anything for a week. Happy Stitching Brenda Lea - feeling happy

    Alice Hi Brenda, Sorry I have not gotten anywhere near digitising a new alphabet yet, I am completely swamped, I will send out an newsletter when I get it done. at this stage it is probably a couple of weeks away.
    5 months ago
  • Brenda Lea Ideas for free alphabets
    5 months ago

    Just thought of another idea. Rhino's as you do not see any of them. Do not know how hard it is to draw them. Thanks Happy Stitching

  • Brenda Lea
    5 months ago

    Just want to let you know (but you might already know) that the Nautical page doesn't come up to view the designs & Robots pictures do not show up. I sure hope the bug that is in your web site flies away soon. Hope you are not getting to stressed over all the problems. Take care Brenda Lea

    Alice I have fixed the nautical alphabet but I have not yet fixed the robot alphabet.
    5 months ago


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